NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital collectibles that live on the Blockchain. An NFT can represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos, and can hold utility like the perks mentioned above. Since these collectibles are non-fungible, which means that each of them is unique, it allows anyone to track and verify its ownership. This is important for the project because it allows us to verify owners when giving out perks. There is a lot of information out there on NFTs, here is one resource to get more familiar with them.

No. Gas fee prices are determined by Solana network conditions and are added automatically at the time of purchase. They can vary wildly depending on how busy the network is. Be sure to have extra Solana in your wallet to cover the fee. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know how much the fee will be ahead of time. Mad Turtles has no control over these transaction fees and does not receive any portion of them.

Since each Solana transaction requires computational resources to execute, and each Mad Turtle NFT is stored on the Solana Blockchain, each purchase is coupled with a fee to compensate for the computational resources required to successfully conduct the transaction.

NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE (aka Seed Phrase - aka 12 Word Phrase - aka 24 Word Phrase - aka some other name followed by Phrase). If you see something that looks like MetaMask (or your wallet of choice), or anyone else asking for the phrase, you are dealing with SCAMMERS. If you are unsure, ask for help on our Discord or ask someone you trust for help. Write your phrase down and put it somewhere you can find it later. Be wary of anyone who DMs you that is not your friend. Do not click links. Do not download files. Do not share your screen.

There are many swaps available to swap Solana with differing fee structures and rules. It’s important to note that depending on the platform and the region you live in there can be delays. If you are purchasing for the first time you may need to verify your identity with a government issued ID which can take some time. Additionally there can be multiple day holds on the funds before you are allowed to transfer the Solana to your wallet of choice.

The price will be 1 SOL per NFT.

No. You need to have Solana in a digital wallet in order to purchase the NFT.

In order to purchase an MadTurtles NFT, you will need to conduct two steps. First, you will need add SOLANA to you wallet connected to you account, such as Phantom Wallet. Once you have completed that step, the wallet allows you to connect to our mint page and purchase the NFT.